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Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Past... Still the Past?

I'm not a super private person, you probably know I've had a disease, COPD, for about 12 years now.  In case you ask, I've never smoked, it's from a house we had built for us, built wrong and, we had a serious crime burst into our life. Anyway, I say that so you are not shocked that I am still sick. For everyone in the house, it's come and gone, but for me, it's still here, though today is the first day I feel like this is it, I can make future plans!

One of the things I've noticed this time around is my lack of concentration. Even a good movie can't keep me attention, which is unusual and such a bummer for me personally (when you are sick, don't you love to cuddle with blankets and a good movie to keep your mind off of the pain?).  Today, though, I've managed to read a little and that's a feat, as it's been about two or three weeks that I've been off.  A GREAT sign.

As I'm reading and subsequently writing, I'm getting back into my old mold of teaching. I used to teach classes in writing and had a writers website which did pretty good in its day.  I not only love it, but I thrived.  It just so happens that the website went up for sale and the writing was off the day we evacuated that house for serious health reasons. I never stopped because I didn't like it. I didn't stop because it wasn't working. I didn't stop because I had better things to do. I stopped for the same reason I stopped being athletic; because someone was criminally negligent in building our home and someone was criminally negligent in taking what he wanted and it led to losing everything we had and starting completely over in so many ways.

I know I have so much to do. I know I have plenty to keep me occupied. I know I love what I do now, just wish I could do more and do it better... but I kind of want to teach again. I'm having a class on business management and organization soon, for people who, like me, live on federal land and have to have certain permissions and take several precautions, and, who, like me, have a significant other leaving for a year to a very scary place.  Maybe, just maybe, I'll be back in action all the way. I may not run a marathon or do flips around everyone, but maybe I can show them how and somehow, live on through them.

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