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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Even the Ironic Will Get Better

Ironically, I've been moving further and further away from what was once a joyful home office. I found myself in a space where I couldn't keep any of my work where necessary. Each day I had to pull out every single thing I needed--from several locations--where I needed them, which was not a place conducive to work. It was give and take if the Internet worked and always a revolving door for anyone to sit and talk "since I am not really doing anything anyway."

And that's the life of a home office, usually one that also houses kids.

With this I'm announcing I have moved to a new location and with it, a new home office. Everything will be in it's place and I now have commercial internet service and will not be worried about being in someone's space nor them in mine.

It's weird, because I truly believe you can work anywhere, however, it never occurred to me your state of mind may not be able to work anywhere. There's a point you can get to where you are taking much more time to be so much less productive that you no longer see working from home as viable.

If you are in a situation where you are feeling pressured, down, "blue, or even depressed by your surroundings, take a moment to shut down your business a few days and figure out where you are in need of help--because you are in need. Perhaps you can see a counselor, psychologist, Rabbi, church clergy member... even your primary care physician. Whatever it is you need, seek help and seek change so you can get back to the best you and a much better business.