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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Home Party Business: Penalty

Military does not get paid a heck of a lot, especially when you consider many families cannot afford to have both parents working (many active duty soldiers are gone every other year for an ENTIRE YEAR).

And they certainly do not get to choose where they are to bloom.

Here I am, in Hawaii, which is beautiful and a place many people would like to be.  Yet when I order from my own company... I have to pay nearly double for postage.  If you are in the United States and you are mailing from the United States, it should be the same price.  It's not like I get a discount when I'm mailing something to the house next door!

This is discrimination AND a penalty for something many people have no control over, nor a choice.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Home Party Business: Is Anyone Out There?

I've long since realized: I'm the only one reading this.  Still, I'll continue. Why? Because I'll go crazy if I keep this contained within myself.

Today, I practiced setting up my display for the first home show.  I've found tons of ideas, but I'm not happy yet with anything I've come up with. For one thing, most of the people with At Home America have special displays (which I plan on earning - the ONLY way you can get one) and they have different products than I do; making it hard to recreate their display.

I'm thinking about ordering a few more things to use in my display. I'd like to display in the way you might see a store display, rather than everything on one table. We'll see.

Another thing I'm considering is purchasing a few more of their yummy smelling candles, lighting them for the entire party, then giving it away in a drawing at the end of the night.  They provided me with cards for guests to fill out, enquiring whether they are interested in hosting a party or joining the crew... if they give it back, they just might win.  The only thing is that if I book a party from that party, I'll probably give away a completely different prize.  That way, the guests will be willing to go to more than one party, hoping for a shot at another cool gift.  We'll see. Again.

So much on my mind.

This new business is not all there is. Not by a long-shot.  I've been formatting the screenplay and have a children's book ready for an editor.  The website, True Crime Fanatic, well, that's taking longer than I'd like, but it's only due to lack of knowledge writing and working with CSS.  Always, I'm on the lookout for publishers and producers for my friends' work.  Ha! That's much easier than finding help for myself.  And lastly, I'm just about finished setting up a class to teach business management and organization on federal land. Yes, there's a need for it.

As with At Home America, if I find something I want or need and no one can provide it, I'll find a way.  And that's how things get done.


When you get a lead for your business, as a person who wants to do what you are doing, it's imperative you make contact. It's scary, but remember, you are sharing a golden opportunity that can change another's life for the better.

What are you waiting for?

Friday, October 29, 2010

Tools of Success: Notebooks

So much is going on before my first party. I need to feel like I'm in control and I know and understand what I'm doing. I've now filled up TWO notebooks - and one is HUGE (so big it cost more than $10, but it's worth it), with notes, training, and ideas. Before you think you have to go through all this "trouble" for your own business, let me say that I am a visual learner. Preferably, words. You may be better by doing. AND I have no one to learn from by watching or attending another party. It's not work to me, either, I actually like it.

In fact, last night, my middle daughter said, "Gosh Mom, you're so organized!" Ah, those were words I needed and longed to hear. I've not always been. This time is different. I am VERY SERIOUS about what I'm doing. I am determined to put Hawaii on the At Home America map.

Another thing I've done to study and learn, is to browse and participate in the discussion boards set up on our AHA website and on the Yahoo Group's email list. If you don't have this where you are doing business, create it yourself! If you have questions and ideas, someone else will, too, and they'll be grateful someone took the initiative.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Something for the Work At Home Woman (or Man!)

Shared by a listmate:

Printables from Life... your way (personalized solutions for intentional living). Here's the link to their notebook for home management.

What a LONG Night!

My mind is reeling. There's so much to think about, many ideas swirling in my head, so many pretty things to look at and sort out.

The night couldn't go fast enough; all I wanted to do is get up and WORK. Crazy. Does it die out? Once I host that first party, will I change my outlook?

By the way, my first party was a catalog party and is mostly a bust. I MAY get a sale out of it, but because we ship to the hostess... her guests couldn't pay for shipping twice. When I set that first party up, I had not even applied. I was determined (and required) to set up 6 parties prior to the application. Once I was in, I learned the catalog parties are great, they're easy, BUT there are certain things you need to know and explain before you begin.

This could be a blessing or a curse. You see, you may get a few EXTRA parties out of it, as those who are too far, may decide to host their own party. Or, you'll lose all the guests, as I did.

I'll be sharing a post on direct shipping and I'll try to get a list of other home based opportunities and their policies. As I said in another post, I'm here to change things for the better. And I will.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Oh Yeah (Off Track)

Who doesn't love getting packages brought to your door? I love them! It's like Christmas and for me, since this package was my starter kit, I'm doubly excited.

We unpacked the boxes, matched everything to the packing list, and marveled over the craftsmanship of some of the items. Very nice.

My favorite part was all the paperwork, I love the business part of it all. I love numbers, math, and a good challenge.

Afterward, I spent the evening printing out the training manuals. I'm nowhere near a consultant; depending on myself means studying everything I can get my hands on. I think I learned a ton of new things just by printing and organizing into a notebook!

How organized is YOUR business? Now's the time to do it right. In the long run, being organized won't just save you a huge headache, but money, too. No more late feels or paying double for something because you aren't sure you paid it. You get it, now organize it!

Home Party Business: Things I'd Like to See

If we learn nothing from this blog; it's not done it's job. This series of Things I'd Like to See (At Home America) has two purposes - one is to make a note of ideas and to be able to recall if necessary, the other is to look back and see if the needs I perceive then have been met in some way or if I've changed my needs (why and how).

You can skip over these, they're really more for personal, but you are welcome to include your own and more than welcome to show me why the idea is already implemented or not needed. Okay?

In the Hostess Communication Station, I'd like to be able to personalize invitations (home shows and/or e-shows) as a group or separately. So far, it's not an option. I do not want anymore space than a short paragraph, perhaps 100 words. There's a way to include it into the invitation as it is now, which looks great and feels personal, even though it's the standard for all. Perhaps I know a customer is looking for all red homeware, I can direct her to some fantastic pieces. As the hostess, I might want to encourage my friends to book a party and remind them that I'll be there and I'll bring a friend (after all, starting with two people makes it easier to say "YES!").

This is one I'll probably make on my own - I'd love to see a Powerpoint of everything available to learn (the reproducibles), and have it updated at least monthly. It's just easier and less overwhelming to the new consultant!

Direct shipping available to all customers, if they want or need it. At a home party, I think charging an extra $2 would be as high as you could go (assuming they may be penalized for wanting it delivered to their home) and NOTHING EXTRA for any online order, whether through an e-show, and add-on for a home show, or a regular web order (again, nothing EXTRA, not free!).

That's it for now. I'm new, this list will grow, but so will all the wonderful things I'm learning and sharing. I LOVE IT!

Home Party Business: SIX Parties?

As you know, I began this odyssey long before I actually applied. Because of that, I'll backtrack to that day and move forward until we are here. TODAY here.

The decision to become an At Home America consultant was easy. Applying, thanks to my mentor, Donna Moses, was easier. At Home America suggests and encourages you to book your first SIX parties before you apply, that meant I had to hurry and find hostesses because I was applying the day I received my application.

Luckily for me, Donna's daughter, Maureen, booked my first party - we live on the same island, making it easy for me to accept and her to commit. Donna was very happy about it and is sure to be the reason for Maureen's party success. How can you loose when your mother is your party girl's mom? We can't!

Five to go. I decided NOT to ask my family for many reasons. First of all, I've never seen At Home America anywhere but online. Not even one product. Though I know that I am confident in their products and hostess program, they do not. Family is often harder to convince then others because they know you and maybe have been in this position before (ha, ha!).

Second of all, I love challenges, and because I have not had any friends for about a year (other than my friends at home or online), it was high time to make new ones and invite them to enjoy my business. I said a prayer and took a leap. I asked anyone in my few Hawaii/military groups to help me out.

On a very serious note, many of you already have your friends and family nearby and you may have lived in your area a very long time. Might I suggest to wait on your family in order to expand your circle? Your first bookings, if coming from friends and new people, will have you feeling successful and on a business high. If it's family, it's great, but not the same. I know because I'm on that high, even while we speak! And guess what? When it's slow, maybe in January, I can now ask everyone in my family AND be even more excited about the quality and care of the product and At Home America.

(I'm apologizing now for rambling, I'm just very excited AND I have so much to share... my hopes are this will help just one person and myself become more efficient with their new home business and that it directly affects your family in a great way)

Anyway, back to I need five more bookings and I have my online application open and waiting. Armed with my one booking, I went to my personal Facebook page and using my personality, I made a request to watch me give you a fun party where you can laugh out loud at me while I practice being a home party direct sales consultant, and YOU get free gifts and specials and we all get free food, because I do encourage food and drinks - sometimes that's what hooks people. I'm not kidding (but that's an entirely new post because there are many people who think food and drinks are distracting, too).

I got party number two, as a catalog party, though I was not positive there are catalog parties available (I assumed from my designated time as a hostess - and there ARE those parties, called "e-show"). Here's a funny thing about Jennifer:

I've been a victim's advocate pretty much my entire life, but I've been putting my money where my mouth is for only a decade and a half. I have websites and professional social network accounts. To gain a better following, I did what social networks did; I played Mafia Wars. Yes, me. I know, I hate games, especially video games, but it worked. People came to me for play, but they stayed for my heart and they believe in the messages. Jennifer is one person.

When I called out for parties, even though I had stopped playing Mafia Wars a long time ago, she was there right away. We had conversations over the couple of years and it was natural, we were already friends in this technological world.

Jennifer is officially my first party. And she has my first questions, but is awesome by being patient while I learn.

And that's all for now... I have things to do, places to be. See you soon, when we can discuss the rest of my application and creative ways to get your first bookings.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Home Party Business: Before

We've moved three times in less than two years. Each move we've downsized and now realize: we have nothing on our walls! At last, we'll be in one place for a few years and it's time to get down and dirty and make our house feel like home once again.

Since August, 2010, I've scoured the few available stores I can afford (we're in Hawaii where there is a tad less variety and everything seems to cost more) and browsed the 'net. During this time, I also was invited to a few home parties (direct sales); none of the parties sold what we needed.

In September, I found a place called At Home America. They have down to earth and mostly affordable accent items for my home and three pictures I set my heart on. However, it was direct sales. I asked for a consultant near me and lo and behold, I was given a name to someone on the mainland!

Not entirely sure there were not any consultants on the island but entirely sure I wanted some of their wares, I studied their sales program and finally applied on October 19, 2010.

Today is October 26, my sales kit should arrive tomorrow and I could barely be more excited. Please, feel free to follow this blog to share the good, the bad, and the ugly with me.

I'll be learning the ropes with you. Questions will be asked, changes will be implemented, mistakes will be made, money will be earned and goals will be set and accomplished. If you are in direct sales, have a home business, are a mother, wife, and maybe even part of the military; if you are living on an island, if you want to see me succeed: follow me today.

Good wishes and God bless us all.

At Home America goals: All three levels of the New Kids program, Chicago, and Cancun. Fly with me.