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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Home Party Business: Before

We've moved three times in less than two years. Each move we've downsized and now realize: we have nothing on our walls! At last, we'll be in one place for a few years and it's time to get down and dirty and make our house feel like home once again.

Since August, 2010, I've scoured the few available stores I can afford (we're in Hawaii where there is a tad less variety and everything seems to cost more) and browsed the 'net. During this time, I also was invited to a few home parties (direct sales); none of the parties sold what we needed.

In September, I found a place called At Home America. They have down to earth and mostly affordable accent items for my home and three pictures I set my heart on. However, it was direct sales. I asked for a consultant near me and lo and behold, I was given a name to someone on the mainland!

Not entirely sure there were not any consultants on the island but entirely sure I wanted some of their wares, I studied their sales program and finally applied on October 19, 2010.

Today is October 26, my sales kit should arrive tomorrow and I could barely be more excited. Please, feel free to follow this blog to share the good, the bad, and the ugly with me.

I'll be learning the ropes with you. Questions will be asked, changes will be implemented, mistakes will be made, money will be earned and goals will be set and accomplished. If you are in direct sales, have a home business, are a mother, wife, and maybe even part of the military; if you are living on an island, if you want to see me succeed: follow me today.

Good wishes and God bless us all.

At Home America goals: All three levels of the New Kids program, Chicago, and Cancun. Fly with me.

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