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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Home Party Business: Things I'd Like to See

If we learn nothing from this blog; it's not done it's job. This series of Things I'd Like to See (At Home America) has two purposes - one is to make a note of ideas and to be able to recall if necessary, the other is to look back and see if the needs I perceive then have been met in some way or if I've changed my needs (why and how).

You can skip over these, they're really more for personal, but you are welcome to include your own and more than welcome to show me why the idea is already implemented or not needed. Okay?

In the Hostess Communication Station, I'd like to be able to personalize invitations (home shows and/or e-shows) as a group or separately. So far, it's not an option. I do not want anymore space than a short paragraph, perhaps 100 words. There's a way to include it into the invitation as it is now, which looks great and feels personal, even though it's the standard for all. Perhaps I know a customer is looking for all red homeware, I can direct her to some fantastic pieces. As the hostess, I might want to encourage my friends to book a party and remind them that I'll be there and I'll bring a friend (after all, starting with two people makes it easier to say "YES!").

This is one I'll probably make on my own - I'd love to see a Powerpoint of everything available to learn (the reproducibles), and have it updated at least monthly. It's just easier and less overwhelming to the new consultant!

Direct shipping available to all customers, if they want or need it. At a home party, I think charging an extra $2 would be as high as you could go (assuming they may be penalized for wanting it delivered to their home) and NOTHING EXTRA for any online order, whether through an e-show, and add-on for a home show, or a regular web order (again, nothing EXTRA, not free!).

That's it for now. I'm new, this list will grow, but so will all the wonderful things I'm learning and sharing. I LOVE IT!

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