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Thursday, April 28, 2011

ChaCha Tip

Are you a ChaCha guide?  (Do you wanna be?  Go to ChaCha and let them know referred you so we can be on the same team!).  There are two ways to get started as a ChaCha guide, provided you're in and signed as a freelance - you either put one toe in at a time or you jump in, just like a pool. I'm typically the person who jumps, but in this instance, I'm barely at my calves, right now.

It's important to me to be a good ChaCha Guide, not just someone who works a job and that's that.  I want my answers to matter, because they matter to me.  I like to do things right; I like to be accurate.

My ChaCha tip for the day:  After you log in, check out at least one tip sheet (re-read if you've read  them all) and go to the forum for a post or two.  ChaCha can't exist if it doesn't work, which is why the particular rules are in place and need to be followed. You don't always have to learn by trial and error - that's what the tip sheets are for! 

As you read more and more tip sheets and answer/research more and more questions, you'll feel more comfortable and perhaps, along with me, we can get go above the knees and beyond. For now, though, I'm taking it slow and watching my quality. 

Love Technology

The biggest boost to my home businesses, aside of hard work, integrity, and dedication, is technology.

Thanks to the geniuses who took chances and shared them with the world, I not only can have a business operated from home much more easily than my predecessors, but I also have the ability to know my true market for each aspect.

For the blogs, which I write for myself, to stay accountable and on top of things, for example, even those who come here "anonymously," share terrific information. These days, even your website or your blog can tell you so much about who's interested in your product or service.

At a glance, each day I can see who is visiting, where they live, their Internet and computer information, including what browser they're using, how long they've stayed on the website, each page they are looking at, etc.

This information is invaluable, and as you know if you've ever been at a public retail store requesting only your zip code or phone number, not easy to come by normally.

Technology is good; embrace it and use it to the fullest.

Is Being Honest Negative?

In the home party business, and I've been successful in a few over the past 25 years and not so successful in others, I've noticed a new trend - God forbid we are just honest with one another and what's going on!  It's like instead of being honest with your downline or your upline, because, GASP!, they might take it negatively (when it's really the dishonest person contributing to all negativeness) and... what?

When you are not honest and realistic with the people you work with, in your own business or any other, lest someone takes it the wrong way, guess what? They're going to take it the right way.  Yes, the RIGHT WAY.

If your business is great, then why does it matter once in a while when you admit something could use improvement?

Macy's, the huge department store for years and the inspiration and genius of the Macy Day Parade, knew that good salesmanship was honest salesmanship.  If there's something your company cannot or will not do, just admit it!

When Macy's said something to the effect of, "You're right, you can get it cheaper at so-and-so, and by the way, here's the quickest route and store hours so you don't miss the sale," customers loved them more and were more loyal, spending even more money to shop Macy's than elsewhere because of their integrity and honesty.

I'm sad to know I come across a bunch of people who speak before they know the answers, and always to defend something that's not even defensible.  What the heck, it's an observation, in most cases.  It's someone remarking, hey, I noticed this and it's not really working, and guess what, there's a way to make it work, easily, and make even more sales for us and the company. The people sabotaging possible greatness are the very people who would most benefit, since they make money off the lower end, which propels them into business starshine status and yet, they are sabotaging themselves in the longrun.

For instance, when I first joined AtHome America, I was devastated to learn there was no direct shipping - behind the times!  And instead of anyone saying, wow, you know, I see it works, and even if there was no one else doing it, I can see how it's necessary in today's world, they told me all the reasons it was okay, to avoid the question at a home party (yes, someone told how to do that!), and well, you know me, I wrote nearly daily about what was needed and how it can happen and guess what?  Less than 6 months later, the very people who told me how to deal with it and how it's okay and so-and-so company doesn't have it and we have the best company (yada, yada, yada) are the very ones who exclaimed loudly how great our company is because guess what, now they're doing this and they're so great, etc.

What I am saying is that it's okay if you are not perfect and you admit it. Those who admit it can change, those who don't, especially for the sake of "looking good," will forever be dependent on someone else for their good fortune.

Me, I'm changing. I'm changing for the better.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Bonus on Bonus Income

I'm using my five minutes of time wisely - write here, research a few questions, then an hour on the website. I'm finally understanding CSS much better than ever (or maybe it's Dreamweaver I have had trouble with?) and the brand new website is not depressing me any longer; it's exciting and I can't wait each day to get started... and I can't wait until I've got the original 50 pages back up and running and HELPING those in need. Check out True Crime Fanatic when you have time.

You know, I think I better hurry, we were just alerted there's another bonus for us ChaCha users and I love bonuses on top of bonuses.

Considering ChaCha is freelance and not a major source of income, I do consider it a "bonus."  What I love most of all?  My bonus income gets a boost from ChaCha because they're constantly adding bonuses for researching and/or answering a certain number of questions, which only makes my per hour money go up, up, up, something I love, love love!

If you want to earn a few more pennies a month researching and/or answering intriguingly crazy questions, consider joining my ChaCha team by clicking the link, filling out the application and going through the Expediter or Generalist/Specialist training (yes, they TRAIN you and it's excellent!).  Be sure to give them my email to make sure we're on the same team, and then write me and let me know so I can congratulate you and help out with anything.  Teraisa @ the ChaCha team I want YOU to be on.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wanna Be On My Team?

In between writing and waiting (for checks), I work a home party business (and online), AtHome America and at ChaCha (as a Specialist and a Generalist - let them know sent you). If you're interested in earning a few dollars here and there (more if you're willing to work!), please click on the links and join me.

Happy Easter everyone; God bless you and Us.

Five Minutes Again

Always, I have five minutes of time at some point to do something with work.  Home businesses not only do not run themselves, but they take what seems like much more time than a big business outside your home, and why not?  You're the one running your business, your family, and your "me" time.  Of COURSE it'll take more time.

Maybe you don't have more time. Maybe your senior middle son is going to his first and only prom and there are tuxedos to pick up, hair spray to be found, pictures to take?  Perhaps you're taking time out to grill the driver, to find out exactly where the prom is being held, and laying down the rules.

Plus, you have all your other kids, your spouse, maybe some in-laws (not me), lunch, dinner, and it's Easter tomorrow, and... and... and...

By this time, I WANT to work my business! I need a break from real life.  Don't get me wrong, I can handle putting work away and swimming in the ocean, but everyday life, dealing with it, and knowing it all starts over again tomorrow with new stuff replacing what you just did is, well, it's life.

Take a break from life, just a moment, maybe you can think of it as time to yourself, even if it's not for yourself, give yourself those precious five minutes we're always talking about.

Seriously! Find a quiet space, make a phone call.  Make that cold call you've been dreading: one minute to practice, a minute to call and introduce yourself, a minute to sell yourself and your product/business, and a minute to LISTEN, and lastly, a moment to congratulate yourself for stepping out of your comfort zone (regardless of success).

I'm using five minutes to share this thought, answer an email, and check out my recent article query.

The minutes flew by, I'm off to real life again, but I have a fresh attitude, which is great, because it's Prom picture-taking time!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Here's My Secret To Using Writing Skills To Earn Extra Money

Writing may be my passion, but it's not my favorite paycheck.  It can be great money, but you never know if or when you'll be paid (unless your name is Ann Rule or Stephan King, for example). I've had one huge magazine holding my article (and money) for YEARS.  I've even tried resubmitting it several times, thinking maybe they just forgot, only to get a call or email back saying thank you, they have an article just like that one in cue.

For us character writers (think: character actors), we have plenty of jobs, but we're not well known and we'll never get the best tables at a restaurant.  If you write for money as little as I do (I tithe 90% of my writing), you need to supplement your income. 

For me, it was natural to turn to a place where I can combine writing with my other love, information. I am an information freak.  There are a couple of options if you want to freelance with ChaCha (I'm hereby referring you-use email

I can work as much or as little as I like; it's up to me how much money I make.  One thing I love about being a generalist/specialist is that you already know you'll earn a dime or so for each question, but there are times all month long where bonuses are given away, depending upon several things, maybe how many questions you answer, and maybe you simply are given a surprise bonus.

You won't get rich answering questions (unless you're the owner), but you'll be keeping your researching skills sharp and honing your writing craft (cutting words down to only what's necessary) and still get paid.  If you're looking for a few extra dollars each month, want to work your own hours, have a computer and Internet (or have access to both), and are willing to try, ChaCha may be the place you've been looking for.  Earn money freelancing while you write that next big novel.  Use me as a referral, be on my team:  - referred by


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Getting Technical

Get It In Writing! was the first website I ever created; it was made from scratch. I jumped into HTML long before Google was invented.  It probably helped that I had taken computer programming years before and kept up on computer literacy over the years, but only in that I knew it was going to involve math somehow and appear complicated.

I remember the first few months with smiles, I had asked everyone I knew who owned a computer and had the Internet to click as much as possible on the link so I could watch my counter move.

It worked, though. Before you knew it, I merged with Writing Corner and ran them both through It Is Written, Ink, our corporation.  We enjoyed being celebrated in the covers of Writer's Digest Magazine and being asked to talk at writer's conferences. Our paper newsletter for unpublished and newly published writers was still free and being distributed in four countries. All good things come to an end; a couple of years later, my family lost our home and all the contents - including the business and computers - due to toxic mold.

It's been a decade now and I've gotten our lives back on track best I can.  The last thing I could afford to replace, a bed for myself, was bought last year and I couldn't be happier.  With the bed.

The website, now True Crime Fanatic, is bugging me.  Where I used to be able to crank out an entire 20 page website in  a weekend, it's taken me over a year to figure out how to make the front page look decent (forget about keeping it current, sheesh!).

I can plan the website (and I do) on paper, but I cannot get it to look that way on the computer.  Not even close.  That's how I used to do it and it worked beautifully. I could picture it, write it down, recreate it.

To make things easier (really?), last year, after purchasing the bed, I researched, then spent a huge chunk of money on Adobe's Dreamweaver, figuring what could be easier than a website program with what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) action?

Thank God for tutorials online, Dummies Books, and nothing else, because it's been a year and I barely get it!  I understand CSS and what it's for, and it SEEMS like I get it... until I try to move forward.

Here I am, for the upteenth million time, trying to redesign something I can live with and will function up to its needs.

I'm reading everything, again and again, and it's nearly Greek to me.  And then I saw it.  I saw one thing and I'm hoping it will lead to other little things I overlooked. This thing is so silly and obvious, I'm not sure how I missed it.

Typeface and font size do NOT refer to the same things. WHAT?  In word processing, the tool I use far more than any other, you don't care about either because you simply change it to what you want and you can immediately see it. They can call it anything (a rose by any other name...) and you could still do it.

CSS is not like word processing.  In theory, it's EXCELLENT, but when you're as ignorant as I am, you wonder what the heck they were thinking changing all this technology on us.

Check it out, I can barely get past what the words look like.  If I go to change one letter, they all change!  If i want to center an image or a title but not the rest of the story, no way. I mean, there's a way, but not the way you used to do it.

I'm not going into that (for great information, go to the Site Wizard and pick up the Dreamweaver for Dummies I mentioned earlier), because as I mentioned, you will never learn how to build a website by me. But I will say that such a little thing, typeface and font size being explained so I understand CSS is an amazing thing.

Size does matter!  Well, when you are speaking of font size vs. typeface.  Okay, I'm rambling and not making sense. The whole point is this is one small tiny thing, but is enough to get in my way for a year. I read and reread, created and recreated (from scratch all the time, oh boy), and just this one little thing has slipped me up.

I'm laughing now, having gone from doing all hand coding and making it all work great to a beautifully set-up program and getting lost.  It's funny. Mostly.  Unless. You consider how much I was unable to help absolutely no one during this time (and if your website is a business and you were me, you can imagine this in dollar amounts) and I was so frustrated I was seriously depressed.  A year.

It never occurred to me that I might be misusing a term and it's worming it's way into everything I do (or am not doing), keeping me stuck in a rut...

Little things do count and often, in big ways.  Maybe you don't file (right away, correct?). Perhaps you let your bank account go unchecked.  These things are small enough, you assume you can "get to it" when the "feeling" comes over you.

I hate to get technical, but don't you have five minutes? Isn't that little thing little, because if it is, then that's all the more reason to take care of it right away.

In my defense, I couldn't do what I didn't know, but on the other hand, I never considered such a little thing being a downfall; I never looked.

Look, be aware, and stay on top of the little things.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


It could be from my life as a competitive gymnast, and it could be that my mother was so smart, I had too much to live up to, but I am a serious perfectionist.  It's horrendous because it leads to procrastination, which leads to depression and feelings of inadequacy and worthlessness.

This DOES affect my home businesses.

I spend HOURS writing a thank you letter, for instance, making sure it's just right and second guessing what each word may mean to the receiver, regardless of what and why I wrote in the first place.

Even here, on this blog, I never ever re-read and edit it because to do so is death.  I would never get anything published. I have to close my eyes and push "publish post."

Great ideas are easy to come by in the wonderful world of writing-I write on the wall ideas all day AND night long. I have ideas for books, articles, screenplays, essays, poems... you name it. And they really are great ideas (I know because after a while, someone else thinks of it and makes a ton of money), but that first word gets me each and every time. It must be perfect. It has to be right or I cannot go on.

I self edit as I write, yet I'm a one-draft-deadline writer, and here's why:  the first chapter of The U-Haul Murders is the Littlest Angel/The Last Day; it's been rewritten more than one hundred times and I'm not joking.  No matter how good it is, by my standards for fellow readers, it can always be improved. Knowing Shakespeare and the Bible can be rearranged and changed for improvement - two perfect works of art (Shakespeare=all his work) - doesn't make me feel any better or edit any less.

I've been trying to earn the ChaCha bonuses (tell 'em ChaStriss sent you so we can be on the same team!), but I'm slow because I want the answers to be perfect. I want to earn 100% on the quality scores.  As a former ChaCha user, I know for a fact I'm too hard on myself compared to others, but still, I sweat it each and every time.  It's a hindrance, I tell you.

When I decide to make cold calls for my AtHome America (which, yes, I am re-instated and working until June to see what happens and how the customers deal with the new direct shipping) business, it's the same thing. I take hours to prepare and make sure I know the specials of the month and the next month. I make sure I have everything at hand, either the hard copy or the reproducibles on the computer... and I'm scared to death that I'll either be asked something I do not know, or worse, I'll know the answer and will not be able to recall it, even with everything in front of me.

Now, I know that no one is perfect and I also know that I probably won't lose a penny by a stutter or two, yet, there I am, striving to get it right before I start.

By the time I've gathered my wits about me and am ready for ChaCha or the cold calls, I've pretty much gone into the next time crunch for me, where the kids are home and I need to work on homework, or dinner's supposed to be ready, or the time zone where the customer lives is wickedly late... always something.

This perfectionism not only does not work, but it works against me.  By wanting to be perfect, I am earning less money by researching less on ChaCha and earning less money by having less home/online parties/sales with AtHome America.  0% of 0 is $0, no matter how perfect it is.

Taking the five minute idea and the knowledge my way isn't working, what if I spend just five minutes a day on ChaCha and five minutes a day making cold calls with NO PREPARATION and let whatever comes my way... come my way?

As for the writing?  I'm going to have to change it up a bit more.  No more "freewriting" because I know it's just a bunch of rambling with no intentions ever of going anywhere.  Instead, I'll have five minutes of completely unedited REAL WORK that has a preplanned purpose.  Every other day I'll write, and the next day, I'll take five minutes (and only five minutes) to edit the piece and improve as needed.

Practice makes perfect; nobody's perfect.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's a New Day!

New days are beautiful and nearly magical. They give you the confidence to "start over." If you had a unusually demanding day the day before, you can nearly count on a new day to give you a boost, an outlook differing from only hours before.

Remember your elementary education?  If you used the socially acceptable public school system in the United States, you probably have felt as I have.  The drama was amazing but changed each day. One day you were best friends with Betsey Lou, the next, she was your sworn enemy.  And then you wake, it's a new day and she's invited you, and only you, to her exclusive multi million birthday celebration on Mt. Everest.  

Okay, that's ridiculous, but that's sort of what it's like.  The things that mattered the day before were serious and clouding your judgement and paralyzing you and... ridiculous when you put it in perspective.

So what if someone is wrong about something and can't see the light!  Who made it your job to make them admit they're incompetent?  And let's say they did, how does that change the world? What would happen then?  The same thing, more than likely, that happens while you are wasting your time and energy harping on whatever-it-is: NOTHING.

Yesterday, I woke to an email that normally would drive me crazy all day.  The reason is that it was not rational thinking by a person. That and the fact I could "fix" it always stresses me out.

Instead of first emailing back and letting them know why this thinking (whatever-it-is, did you forget already?) is nearly outrageous, I realized this: I don't have to reply at all.

They know the same things I know, they came to a conclusion, everything we know is objective, everything we feel is subjective and that's that.

Them knowing how I feel (right or wrong) does nothing for me, nothing for them, besides that, what could they say to make me be "done" with it all?


I replied nothing.

The next day, today, I woke, and sure enough, nothing's changed, but a new email in the box reinforced the idea I did the right thing. I didn't sweat the little stuff and instead, what I had focused on, my family, are still talking about our nice evening last night.  What matters, matters.

Pick and choose your fights, not based on feeling, but based on possible and necessary outcomes. If I have cancer, I'm going to fight for treatment. If I hate your shipping charges, I'm just not going to buy from you or suggest anyone else to do so.

It's a new day and I'm alive!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Laws of Power? Law 21

According to Joost Elffers and Robert Greene, there are 48 laws of power. There's so many types of "power" -good and bad- I have to wonder how it applies to each type. Power of a dictator. Power of the mind. Power of your personality. Power to unlock secrets. Power of success. Power to brainwash. Power is powerful.

Let's take a look at the laws, one at a time, over the next few months, and how they can relate to you and your home business, if at all.

 Law 21
Play a Sucker to Catch a Sucker – Seem Dumber than your Mark
No one likes feeling stupider than the next persons [sic].  The trick, is to make your victims feel smart – and not just smart, but smarter than you are.  Once convinced of this, they will never suspect that you may have ulterior motives.

"Playing sucker..." caught my eye because the connotation immediately puts me off.  I figure, the best way to deal with Law 21 is to CHANGE it, to reword it.  Put a positive spin on it, perhaps, because the negativeness can't be good for business, least of all, YOUR home business.

Yet, re-arranged, re-worded, there is value to the statement.

When someone is in your life, whether by birth, friendship, or business, you care about them in some way. When you care for a person, actions speak loud.  If you have millions of dollars, that may be the best way you can show you care-hand them a bundle after they complete an excellent six-week course of how to manage money.  

For the rest of us, we can show we care by allowing them to be themselves and to feel good about it.  Not lying and pretending to be stupid (think: dumb blonde trying to snag a handsome young man in the 1950's, the kind of girl who wants her man to not only take care of her, but to feel like she needs him and can't function properly without his smarts), but admiration and whenever possible, true edification.

Instead of taking the literal advice of Law 21, take this advice: Edify others, allow them to feel good about themselves, and let nature flow from there.

Whatever you do, you don't have to play dumb, you just have to acknowledge the other person's strengths, lift them up and let them know you have faith, and when all's said and done, reward them for "good behavior."

Friday, April 15, 2011

More (sorry?)

Obviously, I cannot stop thinking about what to do. I shouldn't feel like I'm in turmoil, but I can't help it.  It's just nothing that I saw coming. I didn't expect a positive change to feel negative.


I'm still not sure what even convincingly how I really feel.  I'm going to work AtHome America like I have not been able to (thanks to the lovely deployment and all the preparation (we are still waiting, even though anyone else is already gone... we've NEVER seen the changes happen that are happening and it's NOT our first time around...) since I took off in December, and we'll take it month by month.  Should I wait the first month of May to see what happens? Shall I give it until the new catalog comes out for fall and winter?  Do I cut my losses?  I don't want to; what I want is for it to work and become better than ever for us all.  I love the HomeWares, I love the people I've met, and I love the concept I felt and still feel is possible.

As for writing. I have this serious problem.  When I'm helping anyone other than myself, I have time, I do it, I finish it (whatever "it" is).  But when it's for me, it's always last on the list. My list. And even when I'm ALMOST finished (because I am never finished), it's never good enough and I'm ashamed to show it to anyone.  Shoot, even this blog, I'm half glad I'm the only one reading it because I KNOW it's garbage. I know I need to proof-read and edit as I would someone else's work. But why?  If I do that, I'll know that none of this matters and that it'll never be good enough, and that I'll realize how stupid I sound; how stupid I am. And then I'll quit.

I'm scared.  Scared to never be good enough. I wasn't always this afraid, but then again, maybe I was.

The only thing I do right, I'm not happy about. I've been working now and then on a few cases which are close to my heart - Emily Jeannette Garcia (Texas); Jennifer Lynn "Servo" Olson (Texas); Tammy Lynn Leppert (Florida); Jerry Faye, Jessica, and Mackenzie Butts (Texas); Jill Dando; Mary Shotwell Little (Georgia); and Ricky Lenn Dyer, Jr. (Nevada).  I'm not happy because I don't have the answers. I can't call the parents and tell them anything at all to make them happy.  Nothing

So I suppose what I need, is to write my own happy ending.  Let's see if we see this one coming.

I'm alone.

I'm writing to myself.  It helps, but sometimes... I wish I wasn't so alone.  As soon as I decided it's best to resign, of course, I'm called with a couple of orders and someone wants to join AtHome America.  What do you do?  

On one hand, I do have plenty of things - important things, like Ricky Lenn Dyer, Jr. - to do. On the other, I love AHA for ME.  On the other, I really do not understand how a business in company for so many years can first of all, not offer direct shipping period.  May, they will.  Great.  But why does it cost more to send it to so-and-so on River Avenue in West Virginia than to so-and-so on Mountain Street in Nevada?  And let's say they claim it's because they need extra boxes.  Well... what if you lose the sale?  Isn't that sale, with the profit worth it?  Isn't boosting sales even 10% by catering to your market worth a little?

It's not even like they're charging by WEIGHT, they're charging by PRICE.  If something weighs three ounces but costs more than the cheap ten pound item... I don't get it.  I just don't get it. Now, that's something MANY companies do. I"ve seen it many, many times, in fact, the majority of time.  Okay. I can handle that and even come up with clever reasons - like items change too often and it's hard to keep up and change with weight and shipping and boxes, etc.

But to charge EXTRA because you are sending to a different address?  Most companies do NOT do that.  Even Amazon asks, do you want to ship all or part of your order to another address?

It's a home business in party sales.  You want your hostess to invite every single person she can think of, not only for sales, but to encourage them to host a party or to become a consultant, right? 

Until May 2, we have to say, by the way, don't invite anyone who you cannot personally deliver their product to, because you'll have to mail it again, yourself, after you repack it and it will not be free.

In that case, um, it's easier to just go to Wal-Mart. I love my friends, I want to help, but in this economy?  Not at the expense of my kids eating.  Seriously!  Yes, there are beautiful exclusive gifts and HomeWares at AtHome America... but it's not enough to justify ordering from my friend and paying shipping and handling, then having her repack it to ship it to me, there are exclusives everywhere.

What do I always advise in business and life in general? If something isn't working, do what you can to fix it or go elsewhere. I did.  I wrote letter after letter and called to give solutions on how to change this AND why it's good not only for the customer and the independent seller, but also for the business.  It worked; they announced recently that May 2, there's to be direct shipping. Now, you can all invite whomever you want - an aside, those of us in the military are often stuck overseas for YEARS and our friends and family are not only NOT with us, but they are generally scattered, too, so we DEPEND on direct shipping!

But, I found out yesterday, it will be an additional cost. Over and beyond what you ALREADY pay to have it shipped and handled.

And they had the nerve to say this as if it was a favor to my customer and myself!  Even WalMart has direct shipping.  Even World Market.  Even Pier One Imports. Even Pampered Chef.  Even Creative Memories.  Even that place that makes vinyls for your wall!  I've used them all.  I've bought gifts for others, and every single one, charged my shipping like normal and sent it where I needed it to go AND credited, when applicable, the hostess of whatever party it is I ordered from.

Yeah, I'm against an additional cost to ship HomeWares to a customer already paying ample shipping and handling.  I don't know what to do.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Well, That's Not How I Saw It

So many home party businesses. Even in Hawaii, the majority of them deliver straight to the customer, without an extra charge.  I just learned today that my beloved At Home America, who is finally offering direct shipping (which is extremely important for military families), is going to charge extra for it. So you are already paying shipping and handling, based on the PRICE of an item, rather than weight, I can't do it.  I'm going to resign. Sigh. 

It sucks when you love something and you enjoy it but you cannot with a clear conscience continue with it.  Thank you everyone for your help.  

There's still everything else!  Go writing! Go ChaCha!

Monday, April 11, 2011


Without personal integrity, 
even your business will fail.

~unwritten fact of life 

Integrity is a concept of consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations, and outcomes. In ethics, integrity is regarded as the honesty and truthfulness or accuracy of one's actions. Integrity can be regarded as the opposite of hypocrisy, in that it regards internal consistency as a virtue, and suggests that parties holding apparently conflicting values should account for the discrepancy or alter their beliefs. 
~Wikipedia, et al