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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Is Being Honest Negative?

In the home party business, and I've been successful in a few over the past 25 years and not so successful in others, I've noticed a new trend - God forbid we are just honest with one another and what's going on!  It's like instead of being honest with your downline or your upline, because, GASP!, they might take it negatively (when it's really the dishonest person contributing to all negativeness) and... what?

When you are not honest and realistic with the people you work with, in your own business or any other, lest someone takes it the wrong way, guess what? They're going to take it the right way.  Yes, the RIGHT WAY.

If your business is great, then why does it matter once in a while when you admit something could use improvement?

Macy's, the huge department store for years and the inspiration and genius of the Macy Day Parade, knew that good salesmanship was honest salesmanship.  If there's something your company cannot or will not do, just admit it!

When Macy's said something to the effect of, "You're right, you can get it cheaper at so-and-so, and by the way, here's the quickest route and store hours so you don't miss the sale," customers loved them more and were more loyal, spending even more money to shop Macy's than elsewhere because of their integrity and honesty.

I'm sad to know I come across a bunch of people who speak before they know the answers, and always to defend something that's not even defensible.  What the heck, it's an observation, in most cases.  It's someone remarking, hey, I noticed this and it's not really working, and guess what, there's a way to make it work, easily, and make even more sales for us and the company. The people sabotaging possible greatness are the very people who would most benefit, since they make money off the lower end, which propels them into business starshine status and yet, they are sabotaging themselves in the longrun.

For instance, when I first joined AtHome America, I was devastated to learn there was no direct shipping - behind the times!  And instead of anyone saying, wow, you know, I see it works, and even if there was no one else doing it, I can see how it's necessary in today's world, they told me all the reasons it was okay, to avoid the question at a home party (yes, someone told how to do that!), and well, you know me, I wrote nearly daily about what was needed and how it can happen and guess what?  Less than 6 months later, the very people who told me how to deal with it and how it's okay and so-and-so company doesn't have it and we have the best company (yada, yada, yada) are the very ones who exclaimed loudly how great our company is because guess what, now they're doing this and they're so great, etc.

What I am saying is that it's okay if you are not perfect and you admit it. Those who admit it can change, those who don't, especially for the sake of "looking good," will forever be dependent on someone else for their good fortune.

Me, I'm changing. I'm changing for the better.

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