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Monday, April 25, 2011

Bonus on Bonus Income

I'm using my five minutes of time wisely - write here, research a few questions, then an hour on the website. I'm finally understanding CSS much better than ever (or maybe it's Dreamweaver I have had trouble with?) and the brand new website is not depressing me any longer; it's exciting and I can't wait each day to get started... and I can't wait until I've got the original 50 pages back up and running and HELPING those in need. Check out True Crime Fanatic when you have time.

You know, I think I better hurry, we were just alerted there's another bonus for us ChaCha users and I love bonuses on top of bonuses.

Considering ChaCha is freelance and not a major source of income, I do consider it a "bonus."  What I love most of all?  My bonus income gets a boost from ChaCha because they're constantly adding bonuses for researching and/or answering a certain number of questions, which only makes my per hour money go up, up, up, something I love, love love!

If you want to earn a few more pennies a month researching and/or answering intriguingly crazy questions, consider joining my ChaCha team by clicking the link, filling out the application and going through the Expediter or Generalist/Specialist training (yes, they TRAIN you and it's excellent!).  Be sure to give them my email to make sure we're on the same team, and then write me and let me know so I can congratulate you and help out with anything.  Teraisa @ the ChaCha team I want YOU to be on.

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