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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's a New Day!

New days are beautiful and nearly magical. They give you the confidence to "start over." If you had a unusually demanding day the day before, you can nearly count on a new day to give you a boost, an outlook differing from only hours before.

Remember your elementary education?  If you used the socially acceptable public school system in the United States, you probably have felt as I have.  The drama was amazing but changed each day. One day you were best friends with Betsey Lou, the next, she was your sworn enemy.  And then you wake, it's a new day and she's invited you, and only you, to her exclusive multi million birthday celebration on Mt. Everest.  

Okay, that's ridiculous, but that's sort of what it's like.  The things that mattered the day before were serious and clouding your judgement and paralyzing you and... ridiculous when you put it in perspective.

So what if someone is wrong about something and can't see the light!  Who made it your job to make them admit they're incompetent?  And let's say they did, how does that change the world? What would happen then?  The same thing, more than likely, that happens while you are wasting your time and energy harping on whatever-it-is: NOTHING.

Yesterday, I woke to an email that normally would drive me crazy all day.  The reason is that it was not rational thinking by a person. That and the fact I could "fix" it always stresses me out.

Instead of first emailing back and letting them know why this thinking (whatever-it-is, did you forget already?) is nearly outrageous, I realized this: I don't have to reply at all.

They know the same things I know, they came to a conclusion, everything we know is objective, everything we feel is subjective and that's that.

Them knowing how I feel (right or wrong) does nothing for me, nothing for them, besides that, what could they say to make me be "done" with it all?


I replied nothing.

The next day, today, I woke, and sure enough, nothing's changed, but a new email in the box reinforced the idea I did the right thing. I didn't sweat the little stuff and instead, what I had focused on, my family, are still talking about our nice evening last night.  What matters, matters.

Pick and choose your fights, not based on feeling, but based on possible and necessary outcomes. If I have cancer, I'm going to fight for treatment. If I hate your shipping charges, I'm just not going to buy from you or suggest anyone else to do so.

It's a new day and I'm alive!

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