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Friday, March 4, 2016

Keeping Up On YOUR Business Education

Nothing can help you and your business more than keeping educated about your product, service, programs you use, etc.

Freelance writer? Take a refresher course on grammar and writing style; as you know, even grammar changes from time to time and you should be current and updated to the social standards (think additional and new meanings to these words, for instance: sick, read, shade, and that "can't" is now acceptable).

Are you in the health and fitness field? Take an updated course on nutrition-what we thought we knew about fat and fake sugar, for instance, is nowhere near what we know now, or try out a few of the latest exercise classes.

Maybe you are a home daycare provider, you can easily brush up on child nutrition, new activities introduced by other providers and parents, you could learn about safety in your home, and always, always, brush up on your first aid skills (even THOSE change throughout time).

Businesswise, regardless of your area of expertise, take a local college course in marketing, find a MeetUp of like minds, join Toastmasters, talk to a tax consultant yearly.

There is so much you can do to stay current and on task. Take five minutes out of your time today and list those things that interest you and will move your business ahead.

Monday, February 22, 2016

If You've Experience With Mystery Shopping

Amusement Advantage is hiring a part-time Events Coordinator for their Denver, Colorado office. Although this is NOT a work from home nor virtual job, I am posting it here on Teraisa at Home because many of you work from home as a mystery shopper and you may be interested. 

Amusement Advantage is an amazing company. Though I do not enjoy mystery shopping (I'm all about freelance merchandising and auditing), they are one of the only companies I suggest you check out if you like mystery shopping, enjoy a good time, and (this is a MUST) you are good, honest, and thorough in your interactions and subsequent reporting and writing.

If anyone needs more information, please contact Amusement Advantage, or write me personally (in comments or to email) and I'll share the information.


Thursday, September 24, 2015

Transferring Locations

We're busy transferring everything from Hawaii to California. Many of you know that we've had a really crazy personal year and we're forced to take a business sabbatical, but did you know we are coming back with a vengeance?

Some changes may be that we will completely revamp this particular blog/website and are deciding whether to combine Get It In Writing! with Teraisa At Home, using labels to separate for those of you who have home businesses but are not freelance writers. Any thoughts on this? Leave a comment.

Also, we'll be deciding whether to incorporate or not, as the writing continues to be tithed 90% of the time. Prayers and careful consideration will be playing out the entire month of October-no jumping the gun-and if we do incorporate again, it'll be documented here, so you can see how it works, and it won't be until January of 2016 just for ease.

While in Hawaii and packing, I'll be posting older articles from GIIW! and friends just to get you back in the 30 Days to Make a Habit of visiting. 

Best wishes,

Teraisa At Home