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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Five Minutes Again

Always, I have five minutes of time at some point to do something with work.  Home businesses not only do not run themselves, but they take what seems like much more time than a big business outside your home, and why not?  You're the one running your business, your family, and your "me" time.  Of COURSE it'll take more time.

Maybe you don't have more time. Maybe your senior middle son is going to his first and only prom and there are tuxedos to pick up, hair spray to be found, pictures to take?  Perhaps you're taking time out to grill the driver, to find out exactly where the prom is being held, and laying down the rules.

Plus, you have all your other kids, your spouse, maybe some in-laws (not me), lunch, dinner, and it's Easter tomorrow, and... and... and...

By this time, I WANT to work my business! I need a break from real life.  Don't get me wrong, I can handle putting work away and swimming in the ocean, but everyday life, dealing with it, and knowing it all starts over again tomorrow with new stuff replacing what you just did is, well, it's life.

Take a break from life, just a moment, maybe you can think of it as time to yourself, even if it's not for yourself, give yourself those precious five minutes we're always talking about.

Seriously! Find a quiet space, make a phone call.  Make that cold call you've been dreading: one minute to practice, a minute to call and introduce yourself, a minute to sell yourself and your product/business, and a minute to LISTEN, and lastly, a moment to congratulate yourself for stepping out of your comfort zone (regardless of success).

I'm using five minutes to share this thought, answer an email, and check out my recent article query.

The minutes flew by, I'm off to real life again, but I have a fresh attitude, which is great, because it's Prom picture-taking time!

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