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Thursday, October 28, 2010

What a LONG Night!

My mind is reeling. There's so much to think about, many ideas swirling in my head, so many pretty things to look at and sort out.

The night couldn't go fast enough; all I wanted to do is get up and WORK. Crazy. Does it die out? Once I host that first party, will I change my outlook?

By the way, my first party was a catalog party and is mostly a bust. I MAY get a sale out of it, but because we ship to the hostess... her guests couldn't pay for shipping twice. When I set that first party up, I had not even applied. I was determined (and required) to set up 6 parties prior to the application. Once I was in, I learned the catalog parties are great, they're easy, BUT there are certain things you need to know and explain before you begin.

This could be a blessing or a curse. You see, you may get a few EXTRA parties out of it, as those who are too far, may decide to host their own party. Or, you'll lose all the guests, as I did.

I'll be sharing a post on direct shipping and I'll try to get a list of other home based opportunities and their policies. As I said in another post, I'm here to change things for the better. And I will.

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