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Friday, October 29, 2010

Tools of Success: Notebooks

So much is going on before my first party. I need to feel like I'm in control and I know and understand what I'm doing. I've now filled up TWO notebooks - and one is HUGE (so big it cost more than $10, but it's worth it), with notes, training, and ideas. Before you think you have to go through all this "trouble" for your own business, let me say that I am a visual learner. Preferably, words. You may be better by doing. AND I have no one to learn from by watching or attending another party. It's not work to me, either, I actually like it.

In fact, last night, my middle daughter said, "Gosh Mom, you're so organized!" Ah, those were words I needed and longed to hear. I've not always been. This time is different. I am VERY SERIOUS about what I'm doing. I am determined to put Hawaii on the At Home America map.

Another thing I've done to study and learn, is to browse and participate in the discussion boards set up on our AHA website and on the Yahoo Group's email list. If you don't have this where you are doing business, create it yourself! If you have questions and ideas, someone else will, too, and they'll be grateful someone took the initiative.

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