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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Getting Better at Last, so Why Does it Hurt?

Tonight I want to let you know I'm doing better and by next week, I'll be back to my old tricks.  But tomorrow marks the end of a level I was trying to attain in my new home business, At Home America.  From bed, I literally created ads and distributed them, booked a couple of parties, took online orders, and served a few customers I'll never get to meet.  Yet, I'm down by $350. A hundred of it is a mix up, where my hostess who first offered a party and ended up canceling, waited to order for herself when our free shipping offer came up. Which started today, BTW.

At the stroke of midnight, she made her order and paid for it.  Hours later, it never came up to me, letting me know someone ordered from me. No stress, no worries, sometimes things take a while. Turns out she ordered from the main site rather than from my site.  We're trying to work on it, but that's another order I anticipated. And somehow I'm not understanding how to close a party held for me thousands of miles away. Due to the time zone difference, she went to bed and we're hoping we'll resolved it when she's home from her job... probably after my time for this level is up.

You know, with all that's happened, I realize, how amazing it is that so many businesses run smoothly or stay in business. I mean, gosh, it can't be any easier than I have it now; the business is created, maintained, and ran by someone nearly anonymously to me.  All I have to do is bring it to the customers, offer free gifts, and fill out some paperwork.  Let's not forget there's a few nights I might go out, talk to some great women (no men so far) and enjoy some laughter outside my home, but still... how hard can it be?

So maybe this is disappointing (no maybe, it is), but it's not the end by a long shot. Imagine if Ray Kroc hadn't convinced the McDonald brothers to try his shake machine and then to sell him the business? Imagine if he gave up when his profits were below his expectations no matter how hard he tried?

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