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Thursday, March 31, 2011


We're home after nearly a month being gone and $8000 lighter.  In normal circumstances, I'd have earned money while traveling, but being a military family, this was NOT the time to work on purpose (of course, working after we sent my husband ahead would have been welcomed!).  We're sending a soldier to a scary place for an entire year; we're not even sure he'll have much contact with us, as he had on the last deployment: time away from home was for him.  For us.

Home is good, but we're not out of the woods yet, as he can jet off at any time.  He's more important than any piece of work I do or dollar I can earn. Yet... I don't want to continue losing by being obsolete.  

Ah, the joy of working for yourself! 

Today, I'm solely working on emails and that's about it.  Not too much thinking and not too much making plans I'm unsure I can keep, but it DOES keep me moving forward.

Tomorrow? Perhaps phone calls and dusting. A month is enough time to need to sift through papers and making sure everything important is on top and less important things are filed.  Everything in place for when the time is right.

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