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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Update on Recent Five Minute Postings

The five minutes did help out, especially considering after I wrote, all three of our kids, at different times, got pretty sick. The kind you have to clean up. YUCK!  That was the end of the five minute sessions.

What came of the five minutes spent getting a signature and a few emails together?  I made another small sale and now need only $683 in sales.  That's my high for the day. My low is something else.  An At Home America prior consultant* who recently rejoined... resigned today.  Less than 49 hours of signing. It's a big blow, but something we'll deal with when the kids are no longer ill.

It's never easy, is it?

And what of the creative juices? They flow.  Five minutes, right?  Once the last of them has lain down and closed their eyes, I just might get those juices to spill. I need it now, more than any other time, and that's just for sanity!

*At Home America uses the term HomeStyle Specialist, however, I'm going to use "consultant" this time because not everyone reading is necessarily rich on AHA lingo. 

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