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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Change Bad to Good

Twice now, I've received packages from UPS that are so badly out of shape, the items are ruined, or a few are missing.  One box was from World Market, the other from At Home America.  The first time, we didn't even know we had a delivery because it was - ready for this? - delivered through our backyard gate and inside the detached garage side door.  Why would we check there for a package?  That one is still giving me problems and is costing me money. It was from before Christmas and it's the new year and we still aren't happy with the solution from UPS. World Market was great for the most part (they did forget to send the replacement and that's a whole 'nother story), and tomorrow, I'll let  you know how I fare with At Home America.

What do you do when this happens?  First, before you touch it, if it's obvious, of course, take pictures!  Today there's no excuse to document it.  Then open the package and check the items to the packing list.  AFTER you check the list, find out which items are good and which are not. Then call the company and let them know what happened. Offer the pictures, because they need to know if their shipping partner is doing their job.  More then likely, they will NOT want your photos and they will NOT rethink their shipping and handling methods, but you can feel good knowing you did your part.

However, you are not finished. You MUST call the shipping company.  If it only happened/happens once, it's an accident, and they'll thank you. If it happens twice or more, you need to write a letter (documentation) and include the photos.  Poor shipping and handling is NOT acceptable. 
Where I live, on the most isolated land in the world, Hawaii (it's true), I understand all the excuses. BUT if this is the best they can do, why do I pay 25% (AHA) when people on the mainland pay only 10%?  I pay the 25% for shipping and HANDLING.  Handle with care. If you don't, I WILL do something about it.

Here's the thing: if they are sending your shipments in a careless manner (and sneaking away), what makes you believe they aren't doing the same thing to YOUR customers?  Do you really work from home to spend extra hours babysitting and coddling a delivery service? 

Take care of it now to avoid problems later.

(Thanks. As you can tell, I"m venting. I do feel better, so thank you!).

UPDATE:  We got a THIRD poorly shipped box, but this time the USPS (not the UPS) acknowledged it with a sticker.  At least I'm not missing anything. And I cannot update that yet, because we were stuck at the airport all day (and will be again tomorrow).  You know I'll be making phone calls and writing letters.

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