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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Tidbits: Cold Calls, Calendars, Money

~at least a half an hour before bed, go over your calendar and schedule for tomorrow; when things come up unexpectedly tomorrow, you'll be more prepared to deal appropriately with them

~some of us need to SEE items marked off on our calendars and that's nearly impossible with electronic calendars; use colors for to-do items: I use orange  for the original to-do, change orange to black with each completion, and just looking at my calendar thirty seconds when the day is near end gives me immediate positive feedback 

~for those of you who write blogs from home for money--no matter one or twenty--your year should end with 365 posts or more

~cold calls are tough, but when you make those calls your first priority, you'll find you'll have more positive energy the rest of the day which will up your production

~joining groups for marketing purposes is fine and does work, but ONLY if you make being a genuine member first... earning money follows naturally, SECOND

~even if you are working on five projects at once and will pull it all out first thing the next day, there's scientific proof that ending the day with a clean desk equals starting the next day with a clean desk and yes, this is good for you and your work; think: a clean desk=good mind=more productivity=bigger income

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