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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Before the Tired Sinks In

Let's quickly check up on you all:

Did you use your five minutes wisely today? Have you checked and tweek-ed your calendar? Are you up to date on what you need to do and what you can do tomorrow? This sounds a tad tedious, but it's just five minutes or less to deal with your calendar, which in turn will find you a thousand times what you spend on preparing/organizing/understanding for use in any way you most need. 

You gain time when you know where your tickets are, where the theatre is located, by having the address to the gym, having the names of everyone involved at your fingertips, the dates and times for an event... everything you do, need to do, and want to do at your fingertips. 

Think of it as giving three minutes to go over your calendar once at night and three more minutes to reread in the morning to gain a day where there is less confusion, stress, lateness, there is punctuality, meetings are quicker, energies are higher, you start taking an hour of smart dedicated organized work instead of the three hours it took for the same thing when you were not consistently calendaring your work and life.

Alright, I've not been sleeping all week. The doctor gave me a sleeping pill today and it's starting to do it's magic work. Tomorrow, I'll reread this to make sure it will look more like ramblings than like drunken ramblings, LOL. If you see some funnies or have questions and comments, please do leave us feed back in the comment section.

And before I go, I did come here to complete my five minutes of calendaring and to remind you to do the same. This is my third day-only 27 days left for me to continue so my good habit will follow. What day are you on and how's it working for you so far? After our habit is made (30 days to a habit), we'll go farther on how that five minutes can boost your business sales, income, etc.

Have a great Friday!


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