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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Two Amazing Tips to Get Anything Done From the Comfort of Your Home

Wanna know the two biggest challenges of working from home and how to completely obliterate the excuses (thus: get anything done)?

1. Don't have children.
2. Turn off your "smart" phone."

Not necessarily in that order.

As if either of those will happen at this stage!  All kidding aside...

We recently had a serious hospitalization in our family that changed the way we work and play. Ironically, we put the electronics down to pay attention and deal with the situation and our futures... and got much less done. Or did we?

We put EVERYTHING to the side that could be put down, including my working from home, and stepped up the business of our family.

Sometimes, in the shuffle to get it all done, things actually get undone. Please, even though we were not visiting the hospital day after day because I ever worked from home, don't be afraid to get help and delegate or put down your work to care for your family-they're the reason you stayed home in the first place.

Now that our family is back to our "new normal," the business shall follow.

Blessings all!

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