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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Energy Tip: Let the Sunshine In

The most difficult part of running a successful home business, whatever the service or product, is finding energy to work when everything tugs at you and you know you can skip being purposely productive "just for today." Being at home makes it easy, while piled up dishes and a fussy baby makes it excusable. in your mind. For the moment, as we both know you'll regret it later (and let's not get hung up on how that alone creates a vicious circle that's difficult to escape).

Assuming you are more or less on some kind of sleep/work cycle where you wake from sleeping at ANY time while there's sunlight, starting tomorrow, create a lifelong habit of getting up and getting just five minutes of sunshine. Open your blinds, put on your shoes, and walk around outside your home. Take the dog, if you have one. Walk literally around your house, yard, or around the block. 

Studies prove that your body will be in the energy making mode when you wake and have your body go right into that light. You can do it with lights in your home, but nothing beats real sunlight. You will instantly be lifted and it will guide your body to how it should respond the rest of the day.

(While you're at it, when you come back in, grab a piece of fruit and some whole grain cereal to eat. Sunshine, brief exercise, and yummy-yet-full-of-fiber-food = the best day ever.)

It only takes thirty days to make a habit. Start tomorrow and call it Day One, then get to work!

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