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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holiday Cheer (pre-AFTER Holiday Sale)

Writing seems to take a backseat near the winter holidays. It's not that no one is buying at this time, it's that I'm busy. Really busy.  You'd think after having seven kids for so many years, it'd be easier now that only three are at home; it's not!  I find I am harder on myself than ever to make things perfect. I feel like I should be better than ever. In other words: I don't give myself a break.

Writing is not the only thing I put on hold, though. My At Home America business is NOT having anymore home shows until January.  Why?  Because it's not worth it for me, personally.  First of all, it's past the date to guarantee that Christmas delivery.  Secondly, knowing people spend less on things they need at this time, in order to give gifts, I know the ones who NEED something can order it online this one time. And they have!

it turns out we have a pre-AFTER-holiday sale.  Over 100 items are marked down up to 80% - there's even something as low as $1.99!  Read on, then scroll to the bottom, I'm sharing some of our sale items here.

Having said all that, the one thing that NEVER takes a backseat?  Speaking out for victims. That never ends because being victimized never ends.  Take a moment out of each day to look up just ONE missing person.  See if you recognize them or something in their last day that may make the world of difference to their families.  I don't care how small the information you have is, report it, share it, and do it quickly. Time DOES matter.  Also check out True Crime Fanatic's Facebook page, they'll update the missing weekly or more.

Go on... check out the missing.  Then, come back and take advantage of our pre-AFTER-holiday sale (using the extra money you earned this season from organizing your business!).


For all sales - if you are interested, go to At Home America, or send me a personal note HERE with the NUMBERS of the items you want and how many of each, I'll get back to you ASAP. Thank you and best wishes this week!

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