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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

And What Has 5 Minutes Done for You Lately?

I challenged you, and myself, to see what five minutes can do for you. Has it helped?  Does it work for you? Can it work for you?

For me, it's helped me get letters into the mail, email potential hostesses for At Home America, I've written a "filler," and though I've finished half of my script thanks to the 5 minute rule, it's going to help me start it OVER because I goofed.

Today, it's written this short piece.  Come on, you have five minutes to spare, even if you are trapped in Christmas shopping lines. Take out your smart phone and write something, call a client, search for a missing child.  Smart phone on your wish list?  No problem, a napkin, gum wrapper, receipt, anything can work.  Write a list, write a thank you note, write your dreams and goals.  Five minutes can make a difference.

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