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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Simple Works: Home Business Tips That Will Save Time and Money

Raising seven kids has taught me well in life and business. My husband and I each brought three kids to the table (his three boys, my three girls) and we shared an extra child we couldn't love more. To get along as full siblings is nearly unheard of, but as step siblings? Nearly impossible. Yet, they got along well. Very well.

People complimented them often and would ask us the secret; it was always the same:

Be consistent, accountable, and follow through.

Like raising good children, you could not choose a better formula for business success, in fact, it's so easy, people overlook it. And wonder why they fail.

Working from home is a blessing, but also a curse. You may find yourself putting off something until "later" and later forgets to show up. The next thing you know, you're searching for your receipts to show the bank that there was supposed to be a charge reversal or your phone service is disconnected but not because you have no money--because you forgot to pay the bill you can't find.

Being thorough and consistent can save on late fees, lost accounts, looking immature as a business, and a huge amount of stress. 

No matter what kind of home business you run or how much your business earns, these tips can change your life as you know it and keep in mind, I've cut it to the bare bones. Seriously, just do this if you are not already doing it.

Put your paperwork away in the same place. Every time. 
Home Business File Folder

Use file folders, even if you keep it in a cardboard box. You may end up with more folders than you really need, but as you are consistent in using them and putting them away, your mind will automatically be on the lookout for the best way to do this for you and your needs.

Your filing system is too elaborate if paper is piling up; don't work hard and loathe doing it, simplify. Some small businesses have only two files: IN and OUT. Whatever works BEST for your business and for the least amount of effort is exactly what you need.

Keep LIKE things together. Bills with bills. Receipts either stapled to bills or with other receipts divided only if you have so many it's necessary. Pens with pens all in the same place every single time. Get it?

Do not fight yourself. If you work better on the computer, scan your bills and keep in folders on your computer. Find an app for your phone that works with you. If you are a paper hoarder as I am, then stop trying to force making everything online. Go with what will make you get things done.

When you tell someone you will call... call. Follow through.

Work hard to make your day-to-day "normal" things--like filing and return phone calls--take five minutes or less. 

If you have someone else working with you, learn to delegate and only work on the more difficult things that must have your attention.

This is enough to get you going. Do you know why? Because simple works.

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