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Friday, March 4, 2016

Keeping Up On YOUR Business Education

Nothing can help you and your business more than keeping educated about your product, service, programs you use, etc.

Freelance writer? Take a refresher course on grammar and writing style; as you know, even grammar changes from time to time and you should be current and updated to the social standards (think additional and new meanings to these words, for instance: sick, read, shade, and that "can't" is now acceptable).

Are you in the health and fitness field? Take an updated course on nutrition-what we thought we knew about fat and fake sugar, for instance, is nowhere near what we know now, or try out a few of the latest exercise classes.

Maybe you are a home daycare provider, you can easily brush up on child nutrition, new activities introduced by other providers and parents, you could learn about safety in your home, and always, always, brush up on your first aid skills (even THOSE change throughout time).

Businesswise, regardless of your area of expertise, take a local college course in marketing, find a MeetUp of like minds, join Toastmasters, talk to a tax consultant yearly.

There is so much you can do to stay current and on task. Take five minutes out of your time today and list those things that interest you and will move your business ahead.

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