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Thursday, September 8, 2011

The More You Do... the More You Do

We've all heard it said that busy people are the people to give "the job" to––they're the people who will get it done.  Whomever said this is so right.

When I look into my past, I remember how much I relished having a full calendar and when I had an odd day off from most everything, I cherished it.  More than likely, my appreciating quiet time made my busy time a thousand times better and a million times easier.

It's high time to get busy!


  1. Maybe it's because I homeschool, but I don't prefer having a "full calendar" per say. We get more of the important things done the more we stay home, I feel like. So, I prefer to have fewer commitments so that I can fulfill my most important duties. I'm a bit odd, perhaps?

    I'm glad you liked Thankful Thursday! My sister used to do a link-up for it, but hasn't resumed. I may start doing one. I hope you'll check and join, if you like it well enough to do it, too! :)What better way to make and share Light than expressing gratitude and sharing it!!! ^_^

  2. For sure I will join! Our kids are older now, so I have a bit more freedom (though honestly, I had freedom when they were young, thanks to hoemschooling) and maybe that's why I relish that calendar? I'm glad you do well at home. The girls and I were driving around the island the other day and they said it kind of stinks that we cannot just drive to another state like we used to. I realize that we actually got the best of our work done... in the car! Crazy, right? We are both awesome. :-)


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